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Odoo & SodexisOdoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, and Human Resources just to name a few. Odoo / OpenERP offers a choice of over a thousand modules. Odoo / OpenERP is available in the cloud or on-site and is most suited for small to mid-sized companies. With more than a thousand downloads/installations per day, Odoo / OpenERP is one of the most used open source solution in the world. It has a dynamic community, is flexible, and can be adapted to your needs. It can be put in production rapidly thanks to its modularity and is easy to use. Odoo / OpenERP is actively being developed and supported by the community and the stack of functionality continues to increase. Finding an ERP system that has the functionality you require is important. One of the first steps in any implementation is to analyze your company’s processes. Sodexis can help with analyzing how well Odoo / OpenERP functionalities match your requirements.   Learn more...

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Sodexis is an open source ERP and CRM software service provider located in Orlando (Longwood), Florida. Sodexis is an Odoo / OpenERP Gold Partner that also offers services for other open source application software such as Jaspersoft, Magento, Compiere, ActFact (Non-Profit Organization ERP), and Google Web ToolKit. Currently, Sodexis serves customers primarily in the Eastern US from Florida to New York. Our goal at Sodexis is to unleash the power of open source software for your company. We believe that any software should be fitted to your company’s processes and not the other way around. One of the great advantages with open source is that you have access to the source code, and so ultimately the application can be fitted to your needs.  Learn more...
  • Switzerland: Updated VAT for January 2018 - Starting from the 1st January 2018, new reduced VAT rates will be applied in Switzerland. The normal 8.0% rate will change to 7.7% and the specific rate for the hospitality sector will change from 3.8% to 3.7%. -     How to update your taxes in Odoo Enterprise (SaaS or... More →
  • Get the anti-fraud certification with Odoo - As of January 1st 2018, a new anti-fraud legislation will come into effect in France and DOM-TOM. This new legislation stipulates certain criteria concerning the inalterability, security, storage and archiving of sales data. These legal requirements are implemented in Odoo,... More →
  • Introducing Odoo 11 - Odoo Experience, the main Odoo event of the year, represents the culmination of 12 months of hard work, sweat, and triumph to deliver the latest version of Odoo - the next generation of business applications. - Our goal is to unleash every company's potential by empowering users... More →
  • Announcing the Odoo Awards Nominees for the 2017 Odoo Experience - Odoo is thrilled to announce the nominees for this year’s Odoo Experience Awards! - 21 Partners & 6 Collaborators - The Odoo Awards Ceremony is our way of honoring starters and partners that have best embodied the Odoo values and spread the Odoo concept globally. We're really... More →
  • New Mexican Localization - Electronic Accounting Localized for Mexico - Do you remember the release of version 9 in autumn 2015? A brand new interface with a brand new accounting app! It's not that far away but still, many improvements have been made in accounting since then. - After cleaning the small... More →
  • Odoo Wins Two Prestigious ERP Software Awards From FinancesOnline - One of world’s leading software review platforms has recently included Odoo in its ERP software directory, and prepared a detailed review to introduce our system to readers coming from all around the world. After being carefully examined by a team of B2B professionals, Odoo... More →
  • Odoo Studio Contest: Get the chance to win $100 ! - The new Odoo Studio has been released! The tool allows you to build and customize business apps without development. - We are excited to discover what kind of apps our community will build! - Get the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! - To celebrate this release, we will... More →
  • Odoo Online - a new version released in March! - There it is! Only five months after the release of Odoo 10, Odoo Online customers can already benefit from a new upgraded version of Odoo! - Let me share with your the most interesting upgrades. - The new Odoo Studio application - For the newbies, Odoo Studio is the Odoo... More →
  • 10,000 Apps in the Odoo App Store - Odoo becomes the biggest enterprise App Store. - Only two years after of the launch of the Odoo App Store, 10,000 integrated apps are available to optimize your system. With an average of 12 new apps released every day, our App Store now has more than 10,000 applications! Every... More →
  • Odoo Experience 2016 Welcomes +2,700 Attendees - From Odoo Experience 2016, With Love - Each year, Odoo comes together with partners, developers, community members, and business professionals interested in open source software from all over the world to host the company’s largest event, Odoo Experience. - This 3-day event... More →
  • Odoo 10 Released - Recently, we shared with you the latest SaaS releases, where you had a little overview of some of the most recent changes in Odoo Online. We also organized the MRP Tour this past summer and presented a beta version of one of the highlights of Odoo 10, the new MRP! Now, we can... More →
  • Saas 12 is released! - It's the last Saas release before Odoo 10! - As we already explained in our previous blog post about the SaaS releases, (Read Saas 11 is Live!) we are excited to make available some new features for our Odoo Online customers. - This SaaS release will be the last one before the... More →
  • Odoo Award Nominees for the year 2016 - The Odoo Partners Awards Ceremony will take place during the Odoo Experience on October 6, 2016. - 24 Partners, 3 contributors - To honor starters and partners that have best embodied Odoo values and spread the Odoo concept globally, Odoo presents the Partner Awards Ceremony... More →
  • Saas 11 version is released! - Now, new online instances created are in Saas 11 - What is a "Saas" version? - As you may know, every year Odoo releases a new version which becomes available on premise and online. - Because we are so generous (and also, because it's easier for us when it comes to migrate all... More →
  • MRP Tour: Facts and Figures - MRP Tour was a real success! - The Odoo MRP tour just finished and we are so thrilled with its success! - This past year, our R&D team has been working very hard on the new MRP application. They did such a good job that we decided to present a Beta version before its official... More →